• Miracle Sea Buckthorn - Our Story
  • Miracle Sea Buckthorn - Our Story

The taste of a challenge

Miracle SeaBuckthorn - Our Story

His research, made up of tests upon tests in Italian and American laboratories, lasted three years. He lived with the determination, and tenacity of the fighter in training he is, in order to deliver the best possible product. While his passion for nutritional well-being and proven experience in the natural beverage sector did the rest.

Mission in a bottle

A year ago, a miracle changed my life. It wasn't a berry or a drink.
It was the birth of my daughter, Mia.

I've been a boxer most of my life, and when I began designing Miracle Sea Buckthorn for training and recovery, I had no idea it would be for the toughest fight of all: fatherhood.

Now, this miracle berry helps me rise to be the best father I can be for my little miracle. It's nutritious enough for her but packs a punch strong enough for the fighter in all of us.

Miracle Sea Buckthorn is grown organically on the sunny hills of Tuscany, mixed with pure water from the Italian Alps, and brought here to you because I genuinely believe it will help you take on life, and all its miracles. - Ciao, Francesco